Ladder Safety Systems 

Designed for installation on fixed, permanent ladders of virtually any height, Gemtor ladder climber’s safety systems feature a safety sleeve that automatically follows the ascending and descending movements of a worker along a fixed ladder. If a slip or fall occurs, a locking mechanism engages, limiting the fall to a few inches and reducing the possibility of serious injury. 


Gemtor ladder systems Include:


  • Full-body harness
• 100' of stainless steel cable (other lengths available, 30' minimum)
• Most installations can be completed by maintenance personnel in less than one hour.
6000 Series
The 6000 Series features a removable safety sleeve, so that a worker can take the sleeve with him from site to site. The 6000 Series is an economical solution for situations with many ladders in use. Workers need only one sleeve per user, and can hook up to any Gemtor 6000 Series system.

Model # 6001
Complete system includes:
Model # 6002- Safety sleeve w/ energy absorber and carabiner
Model # 933 - Ladder climber’s harness
• 100' of 5/16" diameter stainless steel cable
(other lengths are available)
• Model # 6008 - Non-Metallic cable guides to be spaced at 35' intervals
• Upper and lower mounting brackets and necessary installation hardware 

Model # 6010
Complete 100' assembly without a safety sleeve or harness.
Model # 6002
Removable ladder climber safety sleeve - Made of stainless steel w/ integral energy absorber and captive carabiner. The sleeve can be attached, detached, and positioned at any point along the cable.  This sleeve can be used on systems utilizing 5/16" dia. or 3/8" dia. cable.


Model # 6008
Non-Metallic Cable Guide - Stainless Steel bracket and clamping plate with molded urethane guide. The system's cable easily snaps in and out of the guide to allow a climber to pass. Urethane guide virtually eliminates cable wear while preventing wind lashing.  Install at intervals of 35 ft. System is supplied with guides, additional or replacement guides may be ordered separately.

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