Industrial Rope Ladders


Ladder shown with optional spliced loops

Industrial Rope Ladders with Hardwood Rungs
2" wide x 1" thick x 15" long oval shaped hardwood rungs. Side rails may be ordered in 5/8" diameter nylon, polyester, poly-blend, or HSP rope. Side rails pass through and are secured to rungs using steel drive pins. Rungs are spaced 12" apart. Ladders come standard with 5' tie-down lines and can be ordered with loops or a variety of snaphooks or carabiners spliced at the top. Available in lengths up to 80 ft.


Available Models:
Model # 322 - Nylon rope side rails
Model # 323 - Polyester rope side rails
Model # 324 - Poly-blend rope side rails
Model # 326 - HSP rope side rails



Note: Rungs are made from untreated hardwood.  Prolonged exposure to excessive moisture, rain, snow, chemicals, UV or extreme conditions will result in permanent damage that will require the ladder to be retired from service.

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