Rope & Cable Grabs 

Small, lightweight rope-grabbing devices ride a vertical lifeline and automatically lock in place if a fall occurs.

Gemtor VF505 Series Rope Grabs for synthetic rope lifelines qualify as OSHA-compliant energy absorbing components of a fall arrest system.

Model # VW655 & VF404 must be used with an energy absorbing lanyard that reduces forces to 1800 lbs. or less.

When using any rope grab, freefall distance must never exceed 6'.  The best way to ensure a freefall of 6' or less is to use a 2' or 3' long lanyard.


Model # VF505 - Rope Grab

Automatic energy absorbing rope grab follows a worker up and down a 5/8"- 3/4" diameter vertical synthetic lifeline.  The unit's controlled, shock-absorbing action eliminates the need for an energy absorbing lanyard.  The patented design allows the rope grab to be attached, detached and positioned at any point on the vertical lifeline.  Weighs 1 1/2 lbs. and is made of stainless steel.  New York State Approval # 9502

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VF505WL3 - Model # VF505 rope grab with permanently attached 3' long x 1" wide polyester web lanyard with Model # 5155 locking snaphook with 3600 lbs. gate.

Model # VF404WL3 - Rope Grab with integral 3' Energy Absorbing Lanyard

Rope Grab for 5/8" diameter vertical synthetic lifelines.  The grab is made of zinc plated steel for excellent corrosion resistance and features a large, snaphook compatible connection ring and permanently attached 3' long polyester web energy absorbing lanyard with Model # 5155 locking snaphook with 3600 lbs. gate.  The Model # VF404WL3 rope grab is threaded onto the lifeline at the free end and stays with the lifeline so that it is always there when you need it.


Other Available Models:

VF404 - Same as above except without permanently attached energy absorbing lanyard.


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Model # VW655 - Cable Grab
Stainless steel cable grab for use with 5/16" - 3/8" diameter stainless steel wire rope (7x19 aircraft cable, non-lubed). Can be attached, detached, and positioned at any point on the vertical lifeline. Weighs 1 1/2 lbs. An energy absorber lanyard shall be used for connection to a full-body harness.


Other Available Models:

VW655SP1L - Cable Grab with integral 2' long energy absorbing lanyard

Cable grab with attached 2' long soft-pack energy absorbing lanyard. with #5155 locking snaphook (3600 lbs. gate). CSA Z259.11 approved lanyard.


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